Everhour Asana plugin extension- Multiple tasks cannot log time simultaneously

I’ve installed Everhour-asana plug in extension on my browser and tried to use that timer to log time against multiple tasks simultaneously but the issue is that when I would log time for one particular task and try to start logging time simultaneously/parallelly for another task it would pause/stop logging time against first task to start timer (time logging) for another task. Kindly help me on this.



You might have to reach out to Everhour instead if you don’t find help here. That seems “normal” to me, how can you be working on two tasks at the same time? :thinking:

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Thanks for reaching out, @Shruti_Sen! This also sounds as expected behaviour to me, but you can contact the Everhour team to confirm via this email: ask@everhour.com. I hope this helps!

For instance, two tasks would be assigned to 2 different Users. So they both could be working parallelly on the their respective tasks. Challenge is we are not able to log time for both users simultaneously.

That sounds weird, @David_Jane is the Everhour expert here :slight_smile: maybe he can help

Hi @Shruti_Sen ,

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This is, in my opinion, the expected behavior. Users are not supposed to be doing two things at the SAME time so it should not be possible to log time on two different tasks.

If you have 2 users (with 2 Asana accounts and 2 Everhour accounts) you WILL be able to log time simultaneously to 2 different tasks performed by these 2 users.

This is the behavior as one cannot work on two separate things at the same time. Essentially, you would be double billing the project logging time against two task simultaneously.

CC: @Waclaw_Wolodko for additional support.

Hi @David_Jane ,
Yes I’ve multiple users(more than 2) in a project and they’ve separate Asana and Everhour(with the similar API token) accounts but the timer would work for only 1 user at a time.

It seems there might be some misconfiguration then. If the users are different in Asana and each one has its Asana account connected to a different Everhour account they should be able to log time simultaneously.

If you want we can jump on a quick call and check if everything is properly set up.


Hi all,
This issue is resolved!
Thank you for your inputs!


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