Event Planning | Budget Management Question


Hi, newbie to Asana and was wondering whether it’s possible to monitor costs vs budget in Asana. And if so, how? Any tips, tricks or online resources would be highly appreciated. TIA


It can definitely be done via custom fields if you have a premium account. Simply create a custom field for budget and one for cost.
Here’s an example


Thanks so much Crystal; makes sense, hadn’t occurred to me


@David12 and @Crystal_Alifanow Margo from Asana here. One more tip to add: if you Multi-select tasks with numerical Custom Fields, Asana will total the number values in the custom fields. Here is an Asana Guide article on how to multi-select tasks: https://asana.com/guide/help/faq/multiselect


HOLY SMOKES. I did not realize that! :heart_eyes:

Thank you @Margo