Evaluation of projects



Is there any way to rate the projects once they are concluded?



For which purpose? Is writing the rating in the project description enough?

Bastien - Asana Certified Pro
Delegate tasks to a virtual assistant :computer:


@Sathya_Mariana_Llull - we are looking at using custom fields for a “rating” of sorts - we track proposal wins and losses and in our proposal template project, we’ve identified one task for the submittal. Adding a custom field and making sure that one task is labeled with a win/loss means we’ll be able to run a search on any tasks with that label, and exporting the search to a csv gives us what we need. Bit of a workaround but it will do the job!


You can achieve the same with a high-level project that has one task per project :+1:


@Bastien_Siebman definitely can - we considered it, but because the task is tied to a template and doesn’t require any work to create, we like to say our way is more efficient but really it’s just us being a tiny bit lazier. :slight_smile: