Evaluate your Asana level


Hi everyone,

I have been working on a survey to evaluate your Asana level, and I am looking for feedbacks on the questions!

Any help is appreciated!



Done @Bastien_Siebman. I think it covers a good range. Only question that was a bit confusing was the second one… I would have answered “New Task”.

The questions are also not easy to guess the correct answer or work through to come up with the most likely.

Will be interesting what I scored…


Hi @Bastien_Siebman
Done also :wink:
I agree with @Jason_Woods concerning the second question, I would also have answered “New Task”.

The question “Which direction do Boards project flow?” was not very clear for me too.

Maybe you could add questions on the follower/following feature, because it’s very common that people don’t understand who receives what by when, and you need to be very clear on that to be an expert :wink:


@Jason_Woods I don’t have the result unless I compute manually.

@Jason_Woods @Julien_RENAUD What question are you referring to? “What happens when you complete a task assigned in multiple projects?” ? This is not the second question :thinking:



@Bastien_Siebman no worries about the result… The question of where you would see a task that was assigned to you and had a due date that was today.



Hi @Bastien_Siebman,

Great survey! It seems I’m a superhero :smiley: Also liked http://productivity-experts.com/, I’ll check it out later with a little more time to see how strong it is in Brazil.

One thing that would be better is if we could check the correct answers. It would be nice to check it out after finishing the survey.

Best regards!


Thanks @Millor_Machado, if you are a Brasilian expert I can add you!


I don’t like the fact I did not get feedback as to any incorrect answers. Although I got Super Hero status, which probably isn’t bad after using Asana for a couple weeks.

The Due Date question and the Due Today question didn’t seem correct to me.

Where do you ask a question about Asana? What questions? General, technical, sales?

What happens if a task is assigned to you with a due date, and the due date is today? None of these apply.


Although I see this is to sell a book and your services, how about some links at Asana.com to level up our skills. Perhaps noting the questions we get wrong and where to find the answers?


Perhaps part of the package would be a Superhero avatar using our own likeness?


@Richard_Getz I improved the questions label, and asked about the possibility to show the score + correct answers at the end.
I did not understandd your suggestion about Superhero avatar and links at Asana level. The survey is a personal initiative not officially linked to Asana.


[wronging assuming this was an Asana thing]

Avatar. For those who scored well, you would be given a special Asana superhero avatar to use on the site.

For answers wrong, or more pro tips, it would be nice to link people to additional Asana resources.