Estimated time - issue with dropdown options being limited to up to 2.5 hours

You have just rolled out the new ‘time’ fields to our account. I’ve activated these fields in a few projects today but have noticed issues with the ‘estimated time’ field.

  • It does not allow you to overwrite the time field
  • The drop down options is limited to a maximum of 2.5 hours, this seems really odd? If I want to estimate anything more than that block of time?

For example I estimate a task will take 3.5 hours but cannot put that estimate in. If i put 2.5 hours in and the actual is more than that I look like I can’t do an accurate forecast? Equally it will not be helpful when we are reviewing forecasts versus actuals.

It would be good if we can have hourly increments as a minimum and a convention around this estimation process?

@Vanessa_Gardner I agree that it feels unintuitive. But I do see that if you select the field and just start tying your estimated time it will allow as many hours as you need:

and if you click into the field, you can update the number by deleting or typing the new number.

Hi Paul
This definitely doesn’t work, as soon as you back space into the hours and try and overtype it just disappears. However I’ve tried putting 06 followed by 05 and it appears to work, will try on some tasks and report back.

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I too am having great difficult entering anything more than about 10 hours.
As soon as I type 2 digits it take them to be minutes and immediate precedes my entry with “00:”.
It would be good if Asana simply stopped changing the field as I type.
I have had to resort to typing the time into an editor or terminal and copy and pasting it into the field.

It also be really good if I could entry things like “10h”, “4d”, “2.5h” “4.5d”.
In general find referring to estimates in days much more convenient unless they are quite short.