Estimated & Actual Hours in Asana

Hi, I’m looking at several of the time tracking apps that integrate with Asana like Harvest, Clockify, TMetric, Everhour etc…

What I have in all my projects/tasks is a column to captrure Estimated Hours (Est.Hrs) to complete the task and then Actual Hours (Act.Hrs) to store how long it actually took.

So is there an app that integrates with Asana to easily let you track time against each task AND automatically update a column for each task with the time logged/approved?

It’s crucial for me that Asana is updated automatically with the sum of hours.



Everhour allows you to set an estimate and then track time against that estimate. It integrates pretty well with the Asana UI as well.


Thanks. Does Everhour actually update a column in Asana which captures the Actual Hours accumulated on a task?

It doesn’t update a column but it does display it for you on the interface. It also adds an additional tab to the top menu that shows you time logs.

I’m not affiliated with them but I’d be happy to record you a Loom video to give you an overview of how it integrates with Asana.

Hey @PaulThomson,
at our company we have also used a few different time tracking tools already and for us Hubstaff seems to work best atm.

I have shared a post here with an overview: Time tracking in Asana: a community built comparison - #23 by Andrea_Mayer

It does achieve what you are trying to do partially. The cool thing is that it pulls updates for the total time tracked per task per day and also the total time tracked all time.
Atm we have custom field for hours allocated which the coordinators would set and actual hours worked as you do also which the team members themselves would update.
Currently also looking into to figure out a way to try and automatically populate the custom field as atm this is still not possible.

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