Establishing a new dependency after a schedule is already set

Observed behavior: I have a project plan where Task 1 has a due date of 1/31/21 and Task 2 has a due date of 1/15/21. To start there is no established dependency between the two tasks. As the project evolves I may determine that Task 2 has a dependency on the completion of Task 1. If I establish the dependency Task 2 retains the originally scheduled due date.

Expected behavior: I would expect that once I make Task 2 dependent upon Task 1 that the date for Task 2 would automatically shift forward to either the due date of Task 1 or later.

The only place where this auto shift is happening is the timeline view, when conflict avoidance is toggle on, and you manually move the task from that view. I don’t know how much further they want to go down this path.