Escape button does not dismiss create menu


Hi Asanas, thanks for the great product.

Here is a little niggle.

When you:

  • Are in a project or in your “My Tasks” view,
  • Looking at a task in the right hand menu
  • Click on the orange “+” to get the create Task/Conversation/Team/Project/Invite menu
  • Then hit “escape” to dismiss the add menu

… Asana procedes to hide the task and unhighlight it in the list.

This is a little thing, but quite annoying, since you now have to figure out which task you had open before you hit escape. And the add menu is still there to annoy you no matter how many times you push escape!

More intuitive would be for a first escape keystroke to hide the “+” menu, and the next escape keystroke to hide the task.

Thanks again for the great product



Hi @Roland! Hi can’t seem to be able to reproduce the behavior you’re describing, are you able to reproduce with different browsers?


Hi Marie, thank you for the reply.

I’ve just reproduced it on both Chrome Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official
Build) (64-bit) and Safari Version 11.0.2 (13604.

Maybe I’m not explaining well enough - steps are:

  • Log into asana
  • Go to My Tasks
  • Click on a task (right hand task detail pane appears)
  • Click on the orange plus (create task/conversation/etc. popdown menu
    appears and overlays the task list)
  • Push escape (task detail pane disappears, popdown overlay menu
  • Push escape again (nothing happens - impossible to clear popdown menu
    by pushing escape button).

Please let me know if you still can’t reproduce.

Best regards



Hi @Roland

I can replicate what you’ve described, but I can’t understand in what circumstances you would open the plus menu, then close it using escape. Do you mean if you open the plus menu by mistake?


Hi Mark,

Yes, if you clicked the + by mistake, or if you change your mind. I did
start off my post saying that it was a “niggle” and not a serious thing - a
task for polish week if you still do those.

The thing is that every other pulldown menu on my Mac (or a Windows
machine) can be dismissed by pushing Escape.

And we have projects (process flows) with hundreds of similar API created
tasks in them (e.g. sales orders) - if you lose your ‘place’ it is quite

The sensation when the task disappears unexpectidly is quite jarring and
not conducive to focus and flow.

Thanks again for the great product



I don’t know if you’ve tried the keyboard shortcuts, Roland, but that might be a better way to use the plus menu and bypass having to click there at all. You can see the full list here:

Or you can click ctrl + / in Asana to see the list there.



Thanks Mark, I use them heavily, thank you for the link, I’m sure there are
a couple I can add!