Error when uploading SOME attachments using Asana API

I submitted this to Asana directly, but as I have not received any contact from them, I’m gonna go ahead and post it here as well.

I have run into an intermittent issue with the API where, for reasons outside my understanding and entirely opaque in their feedback, certain PDF files, upon submission to the API to attach to a task, will be rejected, where others are accepted.

Upon rejecting such a file, the API will respond with “file: File is not an object” as though the stream name were provided improperly (i.e. not as “file”). However, again, this only occurs with some PDF files, not all, and there does not appear to be a discernable pattern to it. Therefore I suggest that this issue is on Asana’s end and should be investigated. I WOULD attach one such file which reproduces the error, but the forum will not allow me to.