Error for Drag & Drop of Images



Hi all! Not sure if it’s just us, but when we want to add images as a comment through the drag & drop feature, the overlay (‘Drop to attach files’ + little icon) doesn’t disappear again, if we don’t actually drop the file.

The only way we could fix it is by refreshing the browser tab. Has anyone else had this issue, or is it on the browser site? We use Firefox and Edge (about 50:50). Thanks for your help in advance!


For the devs - I have not had this issue on Chrome at all, but I don’t drag/drop a lot.

Interesting issue though Tom! I haven’t heard it before.


Yeah, I also don’t do drag & drop a lot. Which is why we realized only now. But a member of my team then said that he had this multiple times already, which eventually made me try it. And the error actually occurs every time I drag & not drop.