Error - 55 lazy stingrays attack terribly blindly


A little while ago something strange happened in Asana on my colleague’s PC: the window started to “shake” while she was working in Asana’s app, and a strange message appear:

"It is necessary to recharge asana, Try these browser troubleshooting tips. If the problem persists, contact Asana support and report the following message: 55 lazy stingrays attack terribly blindly. ignore or reload bottoms

The link to the phrase “Try these browser troubleshooting tips…” is this:

We haven’t opened it but it looks like a link from Asana.
Can you confirm me that it was an error from Asana?

Thank you

Welcome, @Federica_Bonaldi,

The description of the window matches what Asana does when it crashes, so that seems legit. You can follow that link for troubleshooting and contact support if it persists.



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Thank you!!

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