Entire inbox is really hard to use! Needs a redesign!

My team just started using Asana, we absolutely love it but everyone is complaining about the inbox. visually really confusing and difficult to use and find messages - then they are all the wrong way around vs what’s app so you have to scroll for ages to get to the bottom - what is that logic?! Needs a rethink!!

The Inbox is actually really easy to use! Here are some Tips:

your inbox should be clean at the end of the day. everyday. no exception.
adjust your settings so you only see the relevant Tasks & Projects
make sure to use the expanded view
understand that the inbox is not the place to organize your tasks, thats what projects, teams and portfolios are for!

I would also recommend that your team checks out the:

Hope that helps!


You should always archive messages, this way you don’t have to “scroll ages”. And indeed you can’t search within because I believe you are supposed to treat messages as they come and archive them, not keep everything around to search upon it.

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