Enter [ date fields ] style data into task title


I create a number of monthly recurring tasks for all my month end duties.

It would be great to to be able to enter the month into the task title e.g

‘Month End task 1 for [month] [year]’

Then when the task recurs it would recreate itself with the new month.


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us @John_MacPherson; I don’t believe this is in our near term plans, but this is super interesting and definitely something we could look into in the future!


I strongly agree!

Todoist has a killer feature here where it parses the due date, project (indicated by #) and tags (@) from the task title. The difficulty and time taken for task creation in Asana is my biggest pain point.

EDIT: Sad to hear this is not on the roadmap. Hope others will pile in and share how much we value this.


This would be AWESOME! Great suggestion.