Enough is Enough - BW Integration For Better Dashboards



Howdy Asana Decision Maker’s,

I just kind of let this topic go out of frustration AND because I saw you all were reportedly having a meeting about it but that was a long time ago and I think we all know in the tech world that often times means nothing and/or it means it’ll take a million years to get done :frowning:

SO, in the interests the continual threads asking for more high level project dashboard overview, how about we get an Integration going with BetterWorks software while we wait for your version to be built (assuming it’s even being built)? That would solve SO many problems! :slight_smile:


Hey Sam! We can understand your sentiment here. “They’re talking about it, but when is it happening?”

Requests like these go through the same exploration process as all other customer requests, actually. While we can’t guarantee timelines, we can promise that we’re factoring your feedback into our product decisions. In case you haven’t read it, here’s a post explaining how product feedback works at Asana:


In the mean time could we just get an integration with BetterWorks given that probably takes much less time and effort than building out a whole new dashboard platform?

EVERYONE is Silicon Valley would be less cranky and give you a big hug if you guys could make that happen! :slight_smile:


Hi @Sam_Leahey! If you’re interested in getting creative with integrations, I suggest you take a look at Asana’s API documentation and also reach out to our Developer section of the Community to bounce ideas around. :slight_smile:


@Sam_Leahey I might just have something for you to try out next week. stay tuned :slight_smile:


@Alexis I wouldn’t even know what to do with that lol :frowning: I’m FAR from being a “software guy” but hopefully someone else can!!! :confused:


@Eyal_Ronel!!! If you could pull this off not only will I give you a HUGE internet high five but the Asana Community itself will crown you the king of Better Dashboard Overview! :slight_smile:

I’ll help in whatever way you need me to. Just let me know what you want me to try out! Also my email is Sam@PrecisionSportScience.com if needed.



And btw @Eyal_Ronel, is it possible to get something like this for everyone?


@Sam_Leahey I share your enthusiasm!
I’ll email you tomorrow with more details. would be glad to discuss and get your feedback