Enhancing Asana to becoming a more interactive business tool



i really would like to use asana as my only project management tool, but i notice some features which could easily be made better in terms of usability.


  • the inbox in the app aswell as in the desktop version, should give a more aggressive sign that there is a message, like in every communication tool, a sound or coloring the topic/project,… putting it bold…

except the dot on the inbox we don’t get any interactive notice of the communications.

  • you should make a system, that when we have an email, we can forward this email to a special coded unique email address of asana, then when this email comes in asana, we can put it / assign it to a project or task.

so no more copy pastes (and imagine what that would meen for the attachments in these emails!).

  • you should make the app more interactive, so we quit using WhatsApp etc combined with asana… that we should just talk thru asana app… maybe with a private button on each persons profile… for example, i want to ask something personal --> i press this button and the things i ask will be not included in the tast and project

i can go on like this for days… you can call me if you like: 0032 489 865 499

i really am sick and tired of using other tools and searching for something complete, i think asana could be a very complete tool, even you could make it all more compact !!!

hope you can do something with it and i can keep using asana !!!


Hi @Zargham_Ghorayshian

Regarding forwarding emails, this is already a feature. See here for details:

I use this feature all the time now. Hope it’s what you’re looking for.


Hi Mark

Thanks for your message.

But i would really like to talk to someone, because i have some ideas which would help asana be a better product.

Things we really miss.

I am looking forward to your email.