Enhancements to "My Tasks"



My primary requests for features/enhancements to the “My Tasks” page…

  1. Align the columns please It would be much more visually pleasing and, imo, easier to read if the Project and Due Date columns were aligned on themselves (like an excel spreadsheet…or the topic view on this community)

  2. Add a Project Sections column next to Projects so we know which task belongs to which section of a project (e.g. I use Projects as a client list, and then Sections as projects for each client)

  3. Options to turn on or off additional columns (e.g. project sections, tags, last updated, etc.)


+1 for these suggestions. Additionally, it would be great if ‘My Tasks’ could be sorted using two aspects and not just one. This way, one could use the ‘None’ sorting mechanism (in order to keep the ‘Today’, ‘Upcoming’ and ‘Later’ sections) and additionally sort the individual sections by due date or project. One could also sort tasks by projects and due dates, for example.

This might not make sense every single time, but it would be a great option for my workflow (mainly for selecting the tasks for the day in the morning and during the day more quickly).


Definitely. I would love it if every time I added a task in a section, it was automatically sorted by date in descending order. The project sort option within Today, Upcoming or Later would be very handy too.


Maybe it would even make sense to have the option of saving multiple views. So instead of just saving one view for everyone, there could be a button ‘Save this view as …’. This way, it would make the entire process EVEN faster, because I could just switch between views, such as ‘Planning my day’, ‘Project Priority v Due Date’, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:


By the way, I realized that I had also opened a post about this (Sorting My Tasks). Maybe it would make sense to merge these and similar topics to a ‘My Tasks Organization Suggestions’ threat? @Alexis, is this even possible? :smiley:


I would love to see enhancements to My Tasks. It is the one thing that makes Asana slightly cumbersome to work with. I would also prefer an option to see all tasks and not just tasks assigned to me. I mostly use Asana for projects that are mine alone and in order to use My Tasks for items in these projects, I’d have to assign everything to me.