Enhanced Search - Comments Search

Suggestions - ability to search keywords from comments. This would help with backtracking communication between teammates on previously completed task.

The search results could be spit up by “task” then “comments found in task” pertaining to the search query.

Me and my team create a task to bake a cake. We then brainstorm via chat in the comments under the task about which ingredients to use. I mentioned the word “eggs” in the comments as one of the ingredients.

3 months past…

I go to make a cake but can’t remember all the ingredients. I go to reference Asana for the time I was creating a cake with my team… I would search for the task however I don’t remember the name of the task… But I do remember mentioning eggs in the comments.

If comments searching was implemented…

I would go to search for the word “eggs” and the task and comments including the keyword “eggs” would appear.

I would then be able to click on the search results and be directed to the task including those comments… now I can review the comments on the task to find the other ingredients. Problem solved!

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