End Dates for Recurring Tasks

Five years on, is this being worked on? REALLY would like to see this, please!


I even tried with a rule that checks when a new task is added to a project if the due date is beyond a fixed date, and in that case, it removes the due date (removing the repeating too I thought) and closes the task, but it doesn’t work since if it is a repeating task it does not count as being added to the project.

Even if that would be possible, it’s still a hassle. Especially since you only seem to be able to hard code a date into a rule, and not have the rule compare to a date that is attached to the task. So this would mean you’d need a rule for every task.

An other idea for a workaround: have the recurring task be a sub-task. Then add another subtask with the intended end date to terminate the recurrance.

It’s the best I can come up with with current functionality.

Still no option? @Asana what is the hold-up?

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I would love to have Asana provide me with a way to stop recurring tasks on a particular date. I have a task where I need to do something with it daily for a period of time and then it should no longer recreate after a particular date in time. Similarly to how Outlook allows recurrence of meetings with an end point in time.



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The best workaround so far is to add a non-recurring follow-up task due on the end date to stop the recurrences then.



I agree that this would help in many of my projects. This is still not on their road map. I just received this in an email.

“Currently, it is not possible to add an end date to a recurring task, only start dates and due dates are available, but I can certainly see how this could improve Asana. At the moment there aren’t any changes for this plan in the near term, but I will note your request to make sure it gets to our Product team. Understanding use cases like this is really important to us, and we track all user feedback in order to improve the product.”

Please reconsider adding this feature!


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Totally agree. Hopefully, you upvoted this feedback. We are keeping an eye on it.

fingers crossed!


Trying to find any app that would do this, I’ve tried a few others and no luck. Goodbye Asana 5 minutes to realize it’s not for me :wave:

Disappointing to see that this is not solved yet. Would really like to have this feature