Enable subtasks to be viewed within Portfolio Workload view

Enable subtasks to be viewed within Portfolio workload view. Currently, subtasks to not populate under workload for Portfolios.

Hi @Justin_Poma would you kindly share why that is necessary to view from a portfolio workload view? This helps me understand the context of the issue as well. Thanks a lot!

See snippet. Basically, in my organization set up an individual staff member may have multiple assignments that they are working on, or can be working on at any particular time. The catch is that this assignment may be part of a larger project or higher level assignment and it is nice to keep the tasks as a subtask of the main task. The issue is, Portfolio view can give a misleading representation of an individuals workload as it does not consider subtasks. There are work arounds but like any workaround, it isn’t ideal. Thought this could be helpful for my team and possibly others. Thank you for your attention!

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Thanks for the clarification. This example helps a lot.
Yes, I see the need for this to take place. I upvoted your feedback.

Until that happens, a workaround for me on this is to agree in the business the level of effort for tasks.
In project management, we tend to break down work into 4 hours slots. So if you take this and say each task will be worth 4 hours or even 8 hours - which means all subtasks should not overrun from that time. If this is a business wide agreement, then you can define that level of effort to that agreed number of hours and then it will give you a better reflection of the workload.

Remember that you can create a rule to ensure each new task added to a project to include be assigned an 8 hour or 4 hour time value in a custom field and that will automatically show in your portfolio.

I hope this helps a bit.

Yes, your suggestion is similar to what we are doing as a work around. Thanks again!

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