Enable Option to Create BLANK Tasks (Disable Auto-Delete)

Once upon a time…Asana had this amazing feature that was loved and cherished by nearly ALL. In fact, it was so admired that MORE people liked the feature than those who wished it never emerged from the fingers of a technically advanced individual. This feature is…ability to create BLANK tasks. Not just any ol’ blank tasks, but blank tasks that didn’t include a pesky “-” or those mystery blank spaces, nor blank tasks interrupted by those lousy “.” symbols!

Please, join me in showing Asana developers the overwhelming demand Asana for BLANK TASKS, and the ability to at least set a VIEW, or perhaps check a box to bring these beloved blank tasks back to life. No blank task should have to lose their place in a Asana user’s project, EVER again.

I don’t see the ability to add a VOTE, so perhaps a “+1” reply would work!

Thank you to Asana, and the community of users who make Asana successful!

Amen. I upvoted. Blank space became the norm for me now.

Hi @Ryan_Fordham :wave:

There is actually a workaround to keep your empty tasks that might be useful for you.
Simply create a task, add a space into the title and it will not be deleted!

I hope this helps!