Emojis not pasting into tasks


Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I are unable to paste emojis into Project names, task names, or subtask names.

Steps to reproduce:
I open the comment box and place an emoji there, but when I copy if from the comment box and try to paste it into name boxes nothing shows up.

Browser version: Edge it doesn’t work, however Chrome it does. It seems that some of the emoji’s, like starburst, don’t show correctly in Chrome though. I’m struggling to find a browser that shows emojis correctly AND will paste into task names. Thoughts?

Upload screenshots below:


Hi @Katie_Reynolds, and so sorry for taking so long to get back to you on this topic!

I don’t have a windows computer just there to test this, but looks like you’ve tried a few things already :slight_smile: Could you please confirm if you’re having the same issue using the “Window + ;” shortcut to populate the emoji keyboard on Windows? This should work in both Edge and Chrome!

Looking forward to your reply!


Thanks @Marie. Copy and paste (both with windows keyboard shortcut and right click on mouse) are working on Chrome, but not Edge.

Chrome: image

Edge: image

And for some reason, emoji’s like the starburst come up differently in Chrome than in Edge. I’m not sure which others are affected.

Chrome: image

Edge: image

Thanks for looking into this :slight_smile: