Emoji look different

It would be great if the emojis looked the same, at least at one platform, but better a single style on all. Not necessarily your own.

For example, Google Chrome Windows 10:
19.02.2020- 14.39.26

iOS devices have same emoji as Chrome’s description:

In my opinion Chrome’s emoji style is more in line with today’s design trend, that Apple started with iOS 7, but forget about emoji.

Hi @AndreyMamontov and thank you for reaching out!

You are correct here. Unfortunately this is not related to Asana since the appearance of each emoji varies according to the font of each operating system. To give you an example, emojis on Windows will look different from emojis on Mac OS, Linux, etc.

Since is not Asana related I’ve gone ahead and close this thread Andrey. I hope it’s OK :slight_smile: