Emailing tasks to a Project



Hi all,

Just looking for some advise with emailing tasks to asana.

Have read and followed the steps found here:

Works great for creating my own tasks using my Id is in “My Tasks” by emailing

Have also tested this with Team that has a Project and a Tasks is created within this Project by emailing

Problem is, I like to use a friendly email alias something like:
but this creates a conversation and not a Task?

In real world the alias am trying is, but these produce conversations within the Project and not a Task.

Where I am going wrong?

Thanks for advise everyone.


Hi all,

Does anyone have any feedback or did I post in the wrong forum section?



Hi @aleon

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re asking. You seem to know how to email a task to My Tasks and to a project, so could you explain more about what you mean by ‘friendly email alias’?


Hi @Mark_Hudson
Thanks for responding back.

Basically rather than have a like to have an alias like:

As read in the forums/guides about been able to use these aliases, and in fact i got it work as explained but the emailing the email alias creates a comment and not a Task in the Team Project.

Hope that make sense, as not sure how else to explain.



Hi @aleon, can you talk about the steps you took to create the alias? I didn’t see anything mentioned about aliases in the guides you referenced. I believe I might have worked out what you mean though, let me know.

I understand that you were able to email the x+[project_id] email address to create new tasks, but when you talk about using an alias, and it adding comments, it sounds like you’re using the method to email the “conversations” section for teams and projects:

If you want to create user friendly email addresses for the x+[id], you’ll have to do it on your side. I’ve set up some contacts in my Outlook contacts (other email systems would undoubtedly allow the same):

If you want it global to your organization, your IT staff could maybe set up email aliases in their email server if they’re open to doing that.

Asana doesn’t have direct support for what you’re asking though. What you were trying was specifically made to email the Conversations sections.

Hopefully that answers your questions.



You got it spot on.
Great idea about creating contact record and just publishing this to our GAL (global address book) which our users can then use to email their Tickets to asana.
Its been a long week already so suffering from brain power to have thought of this myself :slight_smile:

Thanks very much and will give this a try.



Haha, I’m there with you. Good luck.


Thought I write back and share some results @RyanE & co.
So contact record works well in test, but not rolled out live to our users yet.

By next week I will know full well how this pans out, but once again thanks @RyanE hopefully this will make our teams life alot easier to manage tasks within asana only :slight_smile: