Emailed Tasks Task Name and assignee

I just figured out how to email directly to a project to automatically create a task however I would like to be able to make the Task name different than the email subject from the email… Also, it automatically assigns to me but I would prefer it be assigned to someone else automatically.

Can you help?

Welcome to the Forum @BJ_Oliver and thank you for reaching out!

That is a great question. When emailing a task to a project, the information will be interpreted like this:

You can find more information in our Guide article:

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

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I had seen this. However I was wondering if you can change the characteristics.

I’m automatically forwarding emails that come to me from a forwarded email. Since the email that forwards it is me the task is assigned to me. Is there a way to assign to others.

Are you able to change the characteristics you mentioned above in the table? Or is that set.