Email Tool From Asana Chrome Extension


Everyone knows that you cannot email from Asana. Having said that this little Chrome Extension while in Asana is a “quickie”. Might want to copy and paste something rapid to a non-member, non follower or third party that does not use Asana. I guess you could even cc


Hi James,

awesome, I asked a question in the community yesterday for some workarounds for this issue.
Do you have a good idea how to link an overview of sent emails to a client in Asana?
What I had in mind as workaround for instance, to save the emails with subject line in the comment section and use your browser extension to get it sent.

Any other ideas?



@Sebastian_Paasch As you probably know, I am not a programmer, I just try to solve things like I did with So I have sent an email to what I think is a potential email address of the developer of the program above and asked him if he could add an option to capture the main components of the email either at the same time or when sending to the Clipboard, at that point you will have sent an email to anybody you want and you can just paste it as a comment on a task in Asana. I also think remember that you can end the content of an email to Asana if you are using by double space followed by /end keeps things clean. What would you think of that?