Email to Task Question

Hey everyone,

I’ve looked around and I’m not sure I’ve found the answer to my question, so here it is. We have a limited number of Asana seats for our company. We utilize the email to task feature with a rule in one of our inboxes for specific projects. We’d like to set up an email inbox in which individuals in the company without Asana accounts can send requests for work, and then in that inbox, have a rule that autopopulates into a specific Asana project. To explain more - we’d like to have our IT guys set up an “service_request” alias to an email “inbox” that is actually the specific Asana project email-to-task “x-Project” email. Is this fundamentally possible, or will it not go through because the original individual requesting work does not have an official Asana account?

If the latter, is there a way around this?

Hi @TJ_WaterMan

Have you had a look at Google Forms as that might be a better workaround…


I have considered that. I’ve also considered the built in Asana Forms. I was just hoping there would be a straightforward method for doing the email to task method without having to have accounts for each person.