Email-to-Task function automatically assigning owner other than myself?

I am a team of one, but I work in a large organization with many Asana users who work on their own Asana teams (teams that I’m not on). I often create follow-up tasks in Asana by bcc’ing when I’m emailing someone. The problem is that Asana is automatically assigning tasks to the individual I’m emailing, if that individual is in my organization but not on my team. How can I prevent Asana from doing this and instead assign tasks automatically to me?

Hi @Donna_Rosenstiel one way might be to use the Outlook or Gmail integration to create the task in Asana rather than the x@asana email.


Hi @Donna_Rosenstiel:wave:

The reason why Asana automatically assign the task to your colleague is because his address is added in the To: Field. Please, see the screenshot below to understand how Asana interprets your email.

You can read more about it in this handy article:

A way to prevent this is to Cc’ing your colleague, so he/she will be added as a collaborator of the task instead.

Another option would be to use the Outlook or Gmail integration as @Jason_Woods recommended.

I hope this helps! Have a great day!

Thanks so much, Natalia, for the helpful interpretation and suggestions! Was this table located somewhere in help that I missed when I looked? I was hoping to find something like this but couldn’t. Thanks! Donna

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Strike that - I see it in the guide you linked to. Not sure how I missed that before. Thanks for the workaround suggestions, too, though. Donna

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Thanks, Jason.


Hi @Donna_Rosenstiel I’m more than happy to help! :grinning:

Please, let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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