Email-to-task from another domain (to multiple tasks)



I searched the forums and help guides, but still haven’t found something answering my particular need, so I hope you all can help!

I just found out this morning that I am no longer able to email Asana tasks/conversations from my personal email address in Gmail. This email is set up as my “catch-all” for the multiple email addresses I own, including my organization’s email address that I use for Asana. I use this one email address so I don’t have to sign into multiple inboxes; I have Gmail set up to deliver email “as” those multiple email addresses so I can stay in one account. In the past, this was never a problem when emailing Asana and replying to conversations, but I understand Asana made some security changes in March that restricts that from happening now.

(For further reference, my situation is very similar to this one: Email-to-Task From Another Domain? However, the solution for that situation didn’t solve my problem because of the following:

According to those directions from that security update (Recent email security update. How to fix “We couldn’t process your email”) and the forum post listed above, I went to my Asana Profile to update my Profile Settings > From Email > “Create Tasks & Conversations In” section. I already had both my organization email listed as well as my personal email (or my “catch-all”), so it looked like all I needed to do is select a blanket permission for my personal email address and I’d be good to go. However, from the drop down, I can only select one task/conversation out of the multiple tasks/conversations I belong to, so I can’t actively participate from my email address in multiple tasks that I belong to without logging into Asana and switching the permissions to that task (which, at that point, I’m logged in, so I don’t need to use email to respond : ).

How do I give permissions to an email address for all tasks/conversations that I belong to instead of just one at a time?

Thank you!!


I am trying to wrap my head around your issue :thinking:
On the left you have all your email addresses. On the right you have the Organizations/Workspaces they belong to. And you can match an address with an Organization. Because you are yourself part of each Org/Workspace with only one email right?

When you reveive an email about a conversation in “OWA Website”, you need to answer using the email address configured here if you want Asana to add your answer.

Does it make more sense?

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Hey @Bastien_Siebman, I’m the “owner” (for lack of a better word, maybe!) of all these workspaces. I am not sure if I just didn’t get started correctly back in the day (I’ve been using Asana for about four years). I believe I signed up with my work email, but needed to add my personal email so that I could respond from my catch-all inbox (aka my personal email). That’s never been an issue before. However, that wasn’t allowed the last time I tried to reply to a volunteer in our workspace/org (I’m not sure which term is correct). I had these emails set up from a long time ago on this “Emails sent from” page (long before there was ever an issue).

Basically, I want to continue to be able to receive and reply to Asana emails in all those areas in that drop down list from my personal (catch-all email) like I have been doing for the past four years prior to this security update that I guess was released in March.

Is there a way to make that happen?


So if everything happens using your personal email, you would be happy? If yes, you can choose it everywhere un both “To Email” and “From email” tabs :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay in getting back! Yes, I would be happy. :slight_smile: (I try to be happy anyway. : )

I see the different options in the “To Email” (lots of checkboxes to customize what email notifications Asana can send to my email addresses). However, that’s not the same case in the “From Email” options, which is where it really matters for me. I need to be able to send from my personal email address in all cases, but I can only select one from the drop down (see screenshot). It’s set up so that it’s not possible to choose more than one, unlike what is possible to do in the “To Email” (several checkboxes can be selected at once). So if — going off the screenshot for example — I respond to “OWA Grassroots Team” from my personal Gmail account, it won’t go through now. I can only respond to “outdoorwomen” tasks from my personal account because, even though I have my email set up to “respond as” my work email, Asana’s security now stops it because it is actually sent through Gmail.

Maybe I’m missing something?


Yes you can’t select multiple emails in the “From email” tab. @Kaitie @Marie do you confirm?


Yes, confirmed @Bastien_Siebman!