Email to specific task on Asana

Or if you use G Suite.

I’ve seen the same behavior from Asana on other time-saving and essential features like this… this isn’t the first very long thread on a basic but essential feature for regular paid users (another example is more reliable zapier integration, currently broken in the selection of a project and has been for over a year).

It seems the Asana team prefers to spend all resources on adding fancy new things that they can market, rather than focused on keeping their existing customers happy (I’ve subscribed my team for my small business for 4+ years - about as long as this request has been hanging out there unanswered).

Yet the one thing I know about marketing is that it’s easier to keep an existing customer happy, than it is to recruit a new one.

And these are not “BIG” asks - allowing customers to email into a specific task, or fixing your broken zapier integration - things like that would be a small blip of developer time in the scheme of things.

Anyway, I have encountered this kind of situation with Asana ignoring its customers enough times that I will be moving away from it eventually, I just don’t have time for all the migration headaches right now. And if they were to fix these things, I would even consider sticking with them and moving to their next higher level plan and paying them (a LOT) more money.

But they don’t seem to care… so here we are.

Read the whole thread, and I also wonder where Asana is with this issue? It would make a HUGE positive difference in our workflow. Please add this feature!!!

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