Email Task Details to an outside party



I’m all for forwarding my actionable emails to to turn them into tasks. That works great.

However, there are occasions when I would like to actually forward the contents of a TASK in Asana to a 3rd party who maybe doesn’t have or use Asana.

Does anyone know if this is possible and if not, can we consider it?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Wayne,
First of all, a very warm welcome to the Asana Community! :unicorn:
Always good to have new people onboard.

Perhaps this tool might help you, it was developed by one of the Community Chamions here @Bastien_Siebman



thanks @Sebastian_Paasch indeed three-dots can help @Wayne_Hedlund share a “web” version of a project to non Asana users! Wayne, available if you have any question.


Hi @Sebastian_Paasch and @Bastien_Siebman. I’ve been with Asana for some time now. I’m a heavy user and have done consulting and training with several organizations for asana.

Unfortunately, I’m not looking for a web version or solution. I’m just suggesting an option to ‘share’ a task, conversation, etc. like I would in other platforms - for instance, share to social media, email, etc.



Correction. I haven’t done training/consulting FOR Asana. I have done it for organizations about Asana through


It is clearer now :+1:


@Wayne_Hedlund I am not sure people think of this but any number of screenshot captures are out there, such as Snipping Tool or the one I really like is picpick that of course allow you to capture the content and send it as an email. Not exactly an email from Asana but it might help as attached. The one thing I have never found that I would ask the community is a snipping tool that allows you to scroll down and capture the entire content of the url. But back to your question, here is an example.