Email sent from own domain through gmail



I’m having a big issue sending emails to projects or task. I’m using my company but my email is driven by gmail. I have spf records in the that allow to send email using gmail MTA. Mut it is not the delivery agent for incoming email so MX do not point to gmail.
The problem is that asana do not recognize gmail as valid MTA for my
Could you solve that problem? If not. what is the method to validate the email sender, I suppose that it is MX records but not sure. Can I do something to avoid this disgusting problem.


Hi @Manuel_Quinteiro! I’d recommend you to take a look at this thread: Recent email security update. How to fix “We couldn’t process your email”.


Hi, @Marie, If that is the way the solution is very simply, check if both email, send_from and envelope are in the user account in the “from mail” section. If that’s true believe in the send_from to redirect the email to adequate domain