Email notifications will not turn off



Hi there,
No matter what I do I cannot turn off my email notifications.

. Please see the attached. I’m drowning in Asana emails. I have turned off every notification I can find. Any ideas anyone, please? Thanks, Steve


From the Inbox page, you also have a button on the top right corner to turn off the email notification. Have you also tried that?


Hi Juilen. Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated. Yes, I’ve tried that. Seems to be a glitch. I’ve now sent an email to Support to ask for help. Thanks and Kind Rgds, Steve


Yes indeed it looks like a bug…


Hi @Steve_Hastings, our support team will be able to take a closer look into this for you, and will probably in better position to help! Keep us posted when you find out what the issue was!

I’ve moved your post to the #tipsandtricks cantegory as this sounds like a bug, hope that’s ok!


Thank you!