Email Notifications - too many

Is there a way to customize email notifications? Most of my team doesn’t use Asana Inbox and replies on their Outlook emails for notifications. However we are getting bombarded with emails, which causes them to ignore them.

For example, I often get 4 emails for a single thing: 1 for when my designer uploads a new file, 1 for when he comments and @s me, 1 for when he changes the task status, and 1 for when the task moves to a new column.

Is there a way to break out the Activity Update emails?

Welcome to the Forum @kylie.walsh and thank you for reaching out!

Great question. As it stands you can enable or disable email notifications following the steps indicated in our Guide article:

Additionally, you should be able to manage notifications you want to be sent from each project individually. Please have a look at the following article to learn how:

There are a few threads in the Forum regarding this topic. If you haven’t yet, I would encourage you to comment and vote on the ones you want to see implemented:

I hope this helps Kylie! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!