Email notifications for specific types of tasks only?

Currently I get 2 email notifications about tasks that have had a note written on and been assigned to me

  1. when someone writes something
  2. when it’s assigned

How can I turn off notifications to say it’s been assigned. I’m drowning in emails.

If you don’t care about what happens to a task after you interacted with it, you can remove yourself from the collaborators. You can also have a look at the Email notifications tab of your profile settings to disable automatic emails. Finally there are per project settings about notifications in the project settings!

Hope that helps!

Thanks Bastien but that doesn’t answer the question of how to turn off email notifications when a task is assigned to me. It may have given me another idea though.

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Hi @Jan_Reeves,

Email notifications informing when a task is assigned to you are part of the Activity Updates notifications.

You can uncheck the ‘Activity Updates’ box in your ‘Email Notifications’ in personal settings to stop these notifications, but besides the notifications for tasks that were assigned to you, you would stop receiving other types of notifications that are listed in the guide article that I linked above.

Unfortunately there’s no option to stop only notifications of tasks that were assigned to you at this time. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Ok thanks. Great to know we haven’t missed anything!