Email Notification


I am new to Asana, and on this learning curve trying to learn Asana and if its a right tool to manage my project.

  1. I created a bunch of projects with multiple tasks and assigned to one of my staff. I would like to be notified by email or by phone app when a task been completed or when my staff create a new project or task. How do I do this? I already setup my To email and From email, still no luck…

  2. When assigning projects to my task to a team member, I am unable to see that task particular task on my Dashboard unless I assigned my self as the assigned member. Is there a way for me to assign a task to a member and still see the project status on my dashboard?



Concerning notifications:

  • you can get them by email or on the app when a task has been completed if you’re follower of that task. You’re automatically a follower of a task you assign to someone. See more details here:

  • you get a notification for a task creation if you are a member of the project (if not then you don’t have notification)

  • you don’t get notification for project creation, except when you are added as a member, that way you receive the info that you have been added to the project.

Once you are a member of a project, you can manage notifications from the member’s list (on the top right corner) by selecting “Manage member notification”.

From the “MyTasks” view, you only see the tasks assigned to you. If you want to see the task assigned to someone else, you can click on his profil picture to see his MyTasks.

I hope this clarifies some points, don’t hesitate if you need complementary information.