Email notification not being sent (Flowsana)

Hi everyone. I configured Flowsana to create a rule to send an email notification to a custom email in a field when another field is marked as “Yes” and the email is not being sent. I then created a rule on the Asana project directly w/ the same steps like I did via Flowsana and the email is still not being sent. I’m not sure where the hiccup is. Any advice? Thank you!

Here is the rule within the project


& here is the rule within Flowsana

Hi @zaniiezxx3,

Thanks, I appreciate your use of our Flowsana integration!

We don’t actually do direct Flowsana tech support here in the Asana forum, as we’re a separate independent product and company. If you could email your issue to support at flowsana dot net, we will definitely take care of you and I’m sure can resolve your issue. Thanks very much!


Hi @Phil_Seeman, thank you for the recommendation! I just sent an email! :slight_smile: