Email Notification Changes - Activity Details/Links No Longer Included

Today one of our users asked me about a change to email notifications, where links to the task’s activity info had disappeared. So, when another user uploads a google doc attachment to a task she collaborates on, she used to be able to click the link to the doc in the email notification, but now that activity info is no longer included. I tested this and when I received my email notification that a task had been updated, I saw the activity I want to see for a brief moment, and then it changed to a blank comment box where I could post a comment to the task from the email. The activity info and links was much more helpful to my team the way we work. Is this a permanent change that is being rolled out?

Hi @Mike_Freyder and thanks for the report! Let me look into this and get back to you shortly with an update!

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Thank you for looking into this, @Marie! This appears to be related to Gmail’s “Dynamic Email” feature/setting. If I turn off dynamic email in Gmail, I see the original email format that I want, however, I do use dynamic email with other apps, so I’d prefer to leave it on. Thanks again!

Thanks for the follow-up info @Mike_Freyder, I’ve shared this info with our team and will be in touch as soon as I have an update!

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Hi @Mike_Freyder,

Our team confirmed this is related to an A/B test we’re currently running! I’ll circle back here once the test is over to confirm if we’re rolling out this update to all Asana users, or if we’re rolling it back!

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