Email Integration into Projects / tasks thru Comments

I Devs team!
Love Asana, but have long struggled with lack of email integration.
Is better integration in the works?
Specifically, a way that emails can be sent from within a task or project conversation thread in Asana and have the replies and followup emails all be sent/received / managed in Asana?

Clickup now has this and it is a huge advantage in collaborating with companies who don’t use Asana. One of my largest hurdles with Asana is that I often spend more time keeping project tasks & project-related communications current because email is still 90% of how communication takes place. Even internally, unless Asana is adopted universally, there is a significant amount of work created by having to manage Asana in addition to email.

Would love to know if an email integration feature is “in the works”. I truly love Asana, but for the way I work, that feature would make life much easier.
Jamie Alter

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