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How can I contact everyone in my organization via Asana to see who might be interested in forming a local Asana users group? TIA.

I just created a new tool, not yet released, called “Asana Everyone”, allowing you to add every member of your organization as a collaborator on a task. Then you can comment on it and have everyone notified. Would that help? cc @Julien_RENAUD who was the only one to test it so far.


Hi, Bastien. Thanks! Sounds technically possible: create new a task/project to form an Asana user group and then invite the entire organization? Not sure I want to do that without advance warning to those who might be invited. @Julien_RENAUD: what was your experience with this tool?


Some companies create a Team in their Organization (“All”, perhaps) that includes everyone for company-wide uses (procedures, documents, etc.).

If you then create an “All” Team Conversation thread you’ll reach everyone (your entire company); then interested parties can choose to follow that conversation or not (those who might have interest in the Asana user group).

Hope that might help,



People can still choose to leave the task. My tool will also include the ability to create that team without having to manually invite everyone. @Julien_RENAUD ended up not using the tool until the end because having everyone as a collaborator in not their use case.


Thanks, Larry. Will ask around and see if and All Team might work.


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