Email Confirmations when Assigning Tasks

We have Asana and Netdocuments (a document storage platform).

When I assign a task, I understand that the recipient gets an email notification of the assignment. Is there a way that I can get a copy of the “sent email” task assignment. I would then place the email confirmation into our Netdocuments with all other emails on the file. That way, I don’t have to review Netdocuments and Asana to see the history of communications. I could simply look at Netdocuments.

Anyone have tips or tricks?

Hi @Gary_Zimmermann
Some options I can think about:

  • Setup a rule that adds a comment to a task when the task is assigned. In the comment, mention the email address that needs to be notified.
  • But the best would be to use Flowsana to send an email to a preferred email address when task is assigned.
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