Email chains for task comments are confusing




I’m wondering if Asana would consider reformatting the way task comments come in through email so they are structured a little more like conversations. Right now, every time someone comments in a task, it resends the entire chain of comments. Attachments/files do not get sent in the emails. Only links to the files. All of this makes it pretty confusing to follow what’s going on in the comments via email.

Task email chains show most recent comments first, but conversation emails show most recent comment last. So again, it’s very confusing the have to remember that each time we open an asana email it will be formatted so differently if it’s a conversation vs. a task.

But most importantly, attachments and files get super lost in task comments viewed through email. They should be previews of the files, not links. A lot of times people in our team overlook or don’t even realize there was a task attachment because it’s just a short link in the task email chain.

Would love to hear people’s thoughts on how the tasks emails work for them!


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