Email Automation When Task Closed - doesn't work with Zapier in real life conditions

Goal: Send email when task is marked as “completed”

Doesn’t work with Zapier in real life, no matter what anyone says, and here’s the proof:

->We want accounting to be sent an email when task “Construction booked” is marked “completed”. Accounting will send related stage invoice to client/customer accordingly.

  1. Set up tasks in projects accordingly
  2. Create Zap to trigger when task is “completed”
  3. Any completed task in workspace or project triggers this zap
  4. in a 4 person project management team we have an average of 20 tasks completed per hour
    4.1. that’s 4.000 triggers per month (Zaps)
  5. We have an average of 2 (two) “Construction booked” tasks marked as “completed” per day
    5.1. That’s 42 “Construction booked” tasks marked as “completed” per month

In real life, we can’t afford the expense related to an additional 4 thousand zaps per month for 2 emails sent per day to accounting.

So using Zapier is not possible for this process unless you have a business that completes very few tasks per day/week/month. And if you have a business that completes very few tasks per day/week/month you really don’t need an automation to send a couple of emails per day to accounting. You probably have the time and resources to have it done by yourself or a team member or an employee…

Good luck!

Actually you are almost there. Those tasks “Construction booked” should be multi-homed into a project called “All Constructions Booked” and then your zap should look at completed tasks within that project only :slight_smile:
Does this help?

That’s a great idea Bastien, we’ll try it out right now… Fingers crossed

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