Email automation from airtable to asana not working

I have tested sending an email to asana to create a task and when i email from my reg email it works, but when I set an automated email from airtable once something is triggered, I am not seeing the task in the project.

Is there something that is preventing automated emails from showing up as a task ?

Hi @Brandi_Mahon and welcome to the forum,

As it mentions in the Asana documentation,

In organizations, you can only send message posts via email from your company email address.

For example, if you were in the organization, you can only post a message via email by sending a message from your email address, even if you have other email addresses attached to your user account.

Since I’m sure the airtable email does not have a From address that’s your company email address as set up in Asana, you won’t be able to email from there.

Welcome, @Brandi_Mahon,

@Phil_Seeman’s reply provides the answer. For a workaround, consider having Airtable email not to Asana but to your email and specify a rule/filter in your automation to catch those (perhaps from: airtable or some other way to identify, and forward them to the Asana email address at this point, because it will now work because it’s coming from a member’s email address.

Hope that helps,