Editing team members


I don’t appear to have the option to create a team or amend team members on my menus. I can invite people to my project but then I cannot edit their email addresses or delete the team member. I am using the free version.




Hi Julie,
this may be because you are a guest in your organization. Is this the case e.g. you organization is using a different email than you used to join this Asana workspace.




This might be the case - how to I check. The members of my team all have different email addresses. Our project is for a not for profit and all of the team are working on the project as volunteers, we all work for different companies.



Hey Julie =)

First, not even admins of premium orgs can change someone else’s email address once they’ve been invited, so you wouldn’t be able to do this regardless.

Second, if you want a way to see who is a guest and who isn’t on a team - check the team list on the side bar. If they have the little globe looking thing, they’re an Org. Guest, if not they’re a full member.

Or alternatively, you can go to the your profile (top right) -> ‘Workspace Settings’ and see a list of the members & guests.

If it turns out you’re a guest and shouldn’t be, a member of the workspace can convert you to member.

I recommend you read up on members/guests and inviting people/etc. to Workspaces in this article as it’s probably a bit clearer than I am XD


Hi Caisha

thank you for your advice - but unfortunately I don’t appear to be getting the same menu items as indicated in the article. The article says to Access list of Workspace Members & Guests
Click your profile photo and select *[Workspace’s name] Settings from the dropdown menu
Navigate to the Members tab

I don’t get this option when I click my profile picture. I get the options of select all or print/or a larger photo of myself. What am I doing wrong.




I don’t know, maybe it’s a sign that you’re a Workspace Guest!

Those options don’t sound right though…I don’t use workspaces, but when you click your profile pic in the top-right hand of the asana page, you should see the workspaces you belong to, ‘workspace settings’, and then for sure ‘My Profile Settings’ and then log out.


Hi @Julie_Polson. I think it might be best for the support team to explore this question with you, particularly since exploring the details would require you sharing your email address. :slight_smile: You can reach out to the support team at https://asana.com/support/#contact-form. Let them know Alexis referred you from the Community.


thanks Alexis much appreciated


Hmm. I created a trial version of Asana and didn’t want to invite the whole team before I’d tested it out, but now I have a bunch of tasks assigned to dummy email addresses. If there’s no way to go in and change those email addresses over again, I will have to reassign every single task I’ve created once I invite NEW members with the real email addresses. God forbid I invite someone and make a typo in their email and then have to reassign all tasks. Is there no way around this?