Editing Tasks and Comments



Hi Product Team,

My team at Circle has been using Asana for a while now, most functionality and flow work well. There is the incapability of being able to edit a comment or task, to make it more relevant, fix a typo, add more information, and etcetera that would make a world of difference in the overall flow and cleanliness of the Task. Our current method is not user friendly, in copying a comment, deleting the old comment, and then pasting and making the edits/updates as needed. This not only is laborious but can also mess with the order in which the comments flow. Slack has this functionality and it makes the whole process of making amendments easier as well as it allows the user to not have to be occupied with getting every detail precise before hitting enter.

Any chance at adding that simple functionality will make a user’s experience and work flow more intuitive and free.


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Hey @josh3, just an fyi I’ve merged this with the larger request thread here

This is definitely a popular request, be sure to vote there as well! And you can look through at some of the discussions =)