Editing multiple tasks with new Asana update became tedious


With the most recent Asana update this section is not available any more when multiple tasks are selected.

This affects the productivity of my team, here are two cases.

  1. We can’t edit fields for all project boards at once.
    We used to select multiple tasks (e.g. 10 bugs) add them to 4 project boards and instantly set the correct field for each one (e.g. “to do”, “ready for grooming” etc…). Now we have to go into every individual board to edit the fields that are specific to that board. This is tedious work.

  2. We instantly add tasks to multiple boards, the UX for that has become worse.
    E.g. 10 bugs might come into the bugs inbox, we instantly add the multiple items to all relevant boards. We can still do it, but the UX has become worse. First we select multiple tasks and do CMD+P to add them to projects, if 1 of the 10 bugs is already in a project board we need to manually click “Add to project” with the mouse to add the other 9.

I can’t post an image of that since I’m only allowed to post one as a new user.

Please bring this section back or find a better solution.


^^^^ Please

Welcome to the Forum @Viktor_Hrafn_Gudmund and @Joe_Rettenmyer and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

I’m sorry to hear the new update is affecting your workflow. Just to let you know there are a few threads in the Forum regarding the cases you have explained here. I’m listing them below and I encourage you have a look and add your vote on each thread.

Thank you again for taking time to share your feedback. Have a nice week!