Edit Tracking for Task Name

Hi! We use Asana a lot in my organization, and the “history tracking” of a task can be crucial. It allows us to see which users have done what to a task and when. If something’s taken a long time or had some dramatic changes, it can be crucial.

However, I noticed a crucial missing piece to this history tracking. It does not track edits to the Task Name. This means that the actual task itself, the name, what it is, can be changed and I have no record of what it used to be or when it was changed. I’d love to see changes to the Task Name recorded in the history of a task.

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HI @Amanda_Langworthy and thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us.

I just wanted to confirm with you that when the name of the Task is modified, it is recorded in the task activity feed. You can learn more in this handy article: https://asana.com/guide/help/tasks/comments#gl-activity

Please note that if you created the task and immediately modified the name, this change won’t get recorded.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

PS: If you don’t mind, I’m moving this thread to the #tipsandtricks category to help other users!

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