Edit Team member Name


I’m confused-
I tried to enter a new member to my team.
His name is Steven. It defauts to Stephen. How do I edit this???
I have deleted him and still- when I add member - type in STEVEN it shows up as STEPHEN

It’s dricing me nuts, as this is a person I am trying to work for and find it simply horrid to send him messages with his name misspelled.



He should be able to edit it himself in his account, can’t he?


Yes, end user should to to the top right had corner in the Asana page, right where his picture/icon is. Click that area, a drop down opens and choose “My Profile Settings” then the window shows all of the edits the user can make, including showing how his name is spelled.


I wish as an admin that you could change names. It’s not that intuitive during the initial invite/setup process as your email address defaults in the name field (odd) - seems like it would make more sense to leave that blank so as to prompt the user to input their name. Also which there were consistencies as far as first vs. full name since you depend on what the user inputs for quick-assigning/tagging them in tasks.