Edit option for conversations and comments

This is the a major concern for me. As I grow my team and invite new members into the system, I’m finding that I spend too much time cleaning up grammar, spelling and deleting unnecessary comments (by deleting the WHOLE TASK CARD) and starting from scratch. It does not take long as I’ve gotten used to this process. But this feels so convoluted and not conducive for a client-facing window. The system would really be great if it allowed admins to delete anyone’s comments.

When can I edit the conversations?

We’re looking into this @Evgeny_Bondarenko,

Our Team is looking into this! I’ll make sure to loop you in as soon as I have more precise information!


Came here to post that I am also in support of this feature. Thank you!!

I just wrote a long status update, posted it, then found a typo, and see there’s no way to edit it apparently? I had to copy/paste, delete and start over (and edit the link I’d already posted in Slack).

To me, just another place where Asana is quirkily incomplete. So many places have editable text throughout the app, I don’t understand why that wouldn’t carry over here.

HI @chrismo,

We recently implemented the ability to edit comments on Conversation and we’re planning to roll it out to conversations themselves in the next couple of weeks! I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this thread as soon as it is available!

I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with an existing thread we have on the topic, hope that’s ok!

Have a great Monday!


Thank you for the update Marie! Any update on editing the initial conversation post?

@Mathew_Piccinato that will be part of the next update we’re planning to roll out in the next few weeks :slight_smile:

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Will this change apply to status updates then I presume?

Good question, let me check this and get back to you @chrismo!