Edit option for conversations and comments

Is there any further progress of these requests? We are very keen to have an area where we can collaboratively work, edit and update. Wanting to set an area to populate #tags and have everyone contribute - but don’t necessarily want this to be a task which is allocated to one person.

Also STILL waiting for this ability — and also, as the admin for the account/projects, to be able to delete comments where needed (eg. client starts talking about an unrelated issue/task in a comment thread about something else; in this scenario the preferred action, for me, is to delete the off-topic content, and migrate it to a new task/discussion as appropriate).

The ability to do this stuff is, frankly, extremely rudimentary — its absence is felt multiple times on every project, for me, and is IMHO pretty unacceptable. I’m going to be migrating to another platform if this doesn’t get taken seriously and resolved by the time my next new project commences…

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Any updates on this request?
I also need it

The need to edit conversations and comments is must. Come on Asana!

Looks like it works now for some people at least? I am not able to edit/delete others’ comments, but I can do so on my own for some time now.

Yes. You can edit your own comments. (No. Not conversations or other’s posts.)
It was in the March release notes.

It’s in the user guide here.

FYI, for all those that asked for an update.
@Dominic_Martinez, @carolina, @Tim_Lukian, @corinne, @Oweys_VALSAN, @Daniel11

I think being able to edit conversations is also important-- as the person leading conversations from time to time I want to be able to edit my conversation, or even update information in the post. I’m not sure what Asanas reasoning for not allowing the conversation starter to edit their original post. PLEASE BRING THIS FEATURE!

Why is formatting within conversations so hard? There are no options for bullets and text wraps are very strange. I usually wind up posting something then deleting it and spending quite a bit of time trying to get the formatting correct.

I really need to be able to edit without deleting the whole thing. Basecamp allows this and I never saw an issue with it.

I figured out formatting, but it would be nice to have the toolbar like you have in comments vs. having to know the shortcut.

I am still really struggling with not being able to edit conversations.

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Asana is so awesome, but there is one thing that keeps bugging me. I can’t edit the Conversation posts.

We use the Conversations a lot to store project documentation, and sometimes when a detail is changed, i want to edit that post in the Conversations to correct it. But i have to completely delete the Post and rewrite (copy/paste) it. My team is screeeaaaming for this feature, i hope this could be a thing in a future update.

(Same thing when somebody made a typo and wants to correct that, we have to delete the Post to fix it. And then everybody gets bugged by the notifications just for a typo.)

Would be awesome if we can use this in the near future, thanks in advanced!

Kinds regards,

Fabian Krieger from Hoogdesign.nl

Hey @Fabian_Krieger, thank you for this great feedback and for taking the time to provide some extra information on why this would be helpful for you and your Team!

As we already have an existing thread for this request I have gone ahead and merged yours into it to allow for easier visibility!

Feel free to leave a vote on the thread if you would like, have a great Wednesday :grinning:

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Love that users can now edit comments in a task. However, discovered today that one cannot edit comments in a conversation. That seems very odd. Will that be a feature in the future?

Need to be able to edit conversations and comments in conversations. It is completely bizarre to me that this isn’t already a feature. Feels weird to even call it a feature.

Curious if editting conversations is on the roadmap. To echo others - so weird that you can’t already do this.

Where do I find the edit feature in the conversations area??? It is a real pain to delete a conversation and then edit and impossible to delete if there are comments within the conversation because you would lose all the history. Without this feature, the conversations area really isn’t that useful.

It’s been a year! Please let conversation can be turned into real action items/deliverable instead of scattered chats. Give it the ability to be edited and tagged.

Was about to pay for Asana, but after seeing this important feature request ignored, I gave up.

Hi folks,

Just to let you know we’re rolling out a feature to allow you to edit your comment into Conversations; more info in You can now edit comments on Conversations!! Unfortunately, conversations themselves can’t be edited just yet, but I’m confident this is something we will implement in the future! Thanks again for your patience on this topic! If there is anything else I can help with, please let me know!


Thank you for the update!
I’ve always wanted to edit the conversation itself (the first post in the thread), so I’m looking forward to having that feature in the future as well.

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Could also use editing on statuses as well!